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Lighthouse Christian Academy

Providing Excellent Education for Hispanic urban youth and children in Harrisburg, PA.


Providing excellent Christian education for urban children, by equipping them with the knowledge, skills, and values necessary to thrive academically, socially, and spiritually. We are committed to creating a safe, and nurturing environment where students can discover and develop their unique God-given gifts and talents and become leaders who positively impact their communities and the world. Through our rigorous academic program, dedicated teachers, and Christian values-based curriculum, we aim to inspire our students to pursue excellence in all areas of their lives and to fulfill their God-given potential.

Our Classes

2nd Grade
3rd - 4th grade students
3rd - 4th Grade
5th grade students
5th Grade
6th - 7th Grade
8th - 9th
10th - 12th

Our Great Team

Rod and Christa

God has blessed us with the privilege of working with a really great staff team here at LCA. Along with both of them teaching several classes, Rod leads out in administration while Christa is the academic dean, teacher’s mentor and curriculum guru. We love these kids at LCA and the opportunity that we have to show Jesus to them and their families. Outside of school, we’ll take any chance we have to spend time with our charming, growing adult children

Rod & Christa Schwartz


Ben Weaver
Ben Weaver

My name is Ben Weaver. I am the 8-9th grade homeroom teacher and the middle school and high school science teacher at LCA. Outside of school, I enjoy spending time with my wife and three children and fly fishing.

Jesse Peters

I am the High School Principal and Math and History teacher I enjoy long distance running and being a dad.

Adam Good
Adam Good

Most people call me Adam. I am the homeroom teacher of the fabulous 6th and 7th grade. I also teach a Math class in the 3rd and 4th grade. The students of LCA are a blast and they cause me to love my job. God is good and has blessed me with a great job. Outside of work, I enjoy most sports and games that have competition involved. And I can't help but shout-out to the staff of LCA because they truly are the best.

Ang King
Ang King

I am a mentor for the girls of LCA along with teaching Language and various other classes. What I love the most about my job is witnessing how loving a child and being Jesus to them can change the course of their lives. Outside of school, I enjoy being in the outdoors and spending time with friends and family.

Cindy Peachey​
Cindy Peachey

Besides serving as LCA's secretary, I teach the 8th-12th grade grammar, literature, and vocabulary/spelling classes. When I'm not busy with school and teaching, I love to spend time reading, being outside, and eating ethnic foods. I also think planes are really cool, and in another dimension, I like to think I'd have been a pilot.

Bri Sensenig
Bri Sensenig

Hello there, in my classroom I’m known as Miss Bri. I teach 11 energetic and lively second graders. In my free time I enjoy playing piano, longboarding, and hanging out with friends.

Andrew Stoltzfus
Andrew Stoltzfus

My name is Andrew Stoltzfus. Here at LCA I take on the role of a maintenance man and am also an assistant elementary teacher. Outside of school, I enjoy most sports and am always down to hang out with friends and have a good time.

Alyssa Schwartz

I teach 5th and 6th grade and I love my job here, teaching, and spending time with my students and the other staff. I also really enjoy coffee, reading, puzzles, and hanging out with my family, but not necessarily in that order because my family is my favorite.

Faith Miller
Faith Miller

I’m Faith Miller, and I have the privilege of being the Kindergarten teacher this year. I absolutely love children and am blessed to play a small part in coaxing little minds to start seeking to know the heart of their Creator more in the context of a classroom. Outside of school, I enjoy most outdoor activities that include soccer, frisbee, hiking, etc.

Caleb Yoder

This is the first year of teaching for me and I've been enjoying it a lot. I teach mostly in the 3rd and 4th grade classroom but also the 5th grade math. I've really loved living in the city so far, it tends to keep life interesting. Some of my hobbies are chess, art, and almost any competitive sport especially soccer.

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1349 Vernon St. Harrisburg, PA 17104


717-805-6383 - Rod Schwartz (director)


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