“Providing Christian education for Urban Hispanic Communities”


Urban Lighthouse Ministries was founded in 2014 by Rod and Christa Schwartz, who had just returned from serving in Mexico for three years. Originally established as a community outreach project, it eventually evolved into a church and school. However, in 2022, the board made the decision to separate the church from ULM and instead focus on establishing Hispanic schools that could collaborate with local churches to provide Christian education to Hispanic believers and community members.

ULM history

Core Values


Due to limited resources and a specific Hispanic vision, LCA schools will focus on the children of local Anabaptist Hispanic church plants and will give priority to children of those who regularly attend. Priority will also be given to students who are recommended by or related to regular church attendees.


We envision LCA schools being small schools that will allow daily discipleship to happen as part of the education process. We will intentionally structure the school around small, interactive classrooms with a strong focus on the personal development of each student.

Church Planting

These schools exist to serve the local Anabaptist Hispanic church, raising up disciples of the next generation. We will do everything we can to help these churches move towards a church and school relationship that receives their guidance from the local church leaders. While the beginning stages will require leadership and resources from the church planter or outside the community, we want to work towards it being as locally and indigenously run as possible.

ULM Board​

Arlin King
Dave Glick
Bob Kauffman
Daryl Petersheim
Pastoral Advisor
Mark Fisher
Loren Yoder
Manny Mercado
Board Member


Join us in providing Christian education for Hispanic communities. All donations are tax-deductible.


Stay updated and join us with prayer!

Stay updated and join us with prayer!

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